Why are Private Tuition getting so Popular?

Posted by Romans Veasely -

His promises of being an ex-GEP pupil, anex- a National University of Singapore GEP instructor, a Nanyang Polytechnic trained physiotherapist, ‘double mathematics major’ a NIE postgraduate diploma holder and graduate are not true.

This event reveals the tuition fixation with parents shelling up to for households queuing to consider entrance examinations to qualify for tuition centres that are well-known and lessons outside the college.

So why is there this fixation with private tuitions?

The school fall asleep in class because the issues will be reviewed by their private tutors with them anyhow. One private coach says that his pupil even requested him to compose an essay before giving it in to reproduce! This unhealthy reliance on private tuition has induced some instructors to question if the community schooling is not overly expensive, thus causing parents (and the culture at-large) to go for granted.